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Thank you for stopping by. Design is not just a career or a job for me, it is a lifetime passion and a journey of continuous thinking, learning, creating, and growing.


I am an interdisciplinary designer with expertise in UX-UI design, Architecture, Interior Architecture, and Environmental Design based in San Diego, CA. My strong critical thinking skills and mastery of the design craft make me a valuable asset as a team leader who enjoys collaborating with teams of diverse backgrounds. I have the ability to provide design solutions that enhance users' physical and digital experiences.
At Amazon Web Services (AWS), I was responsible for the end-to-end design process for new features and workflows for Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS). I successfully led and launched the RDS Custom for SQL Server CEV project and several other complex RDS console UX projects, both small and large in scale.
I have had the privilege of working with various startups to develop strategies, UX/UI designs, and implementations. As a lifelong learner, I am constantly seeking opportunities to improve myself and my professional skills, approaching tasks and situations with maturity and responsibility. My current passion lies in designing for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR) within the technology innovation landscape.
Having lived in three countries, I have a keen ability to collaborate and bring out the best in teams. These experiences have also made me culturally aware, valuing diversity as an invaluable and irreplaceable resource. When I am not designing, you can find me playing with my dog, engaging in outdoor activities such as swimming and hiking in the summer, skiing in the winter, and cooking for my family.
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