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Selected Works

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Hey there! I'm Pardis, an interdisciplinary UX-UI designer, passionate about inclusive design.
Currently working at
I proudly owned the design process from end to end for new features and workflows for Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS). I led and launched RDS Custom for SQL Server CEV project and multiple other complex small to large-scale RDS console UX projects.​
I previously had the privilege of working with different startups as well as freelancing for a variety of clients.
I focused on solving complex problems and creating inclusive communities with simple, accessible, and intuitive designs.
In my free time, you can find me on a new outdoor adventure, taking landscape and architectural photography, or doing some art.

Check out my work!


Role: User Experience designer

Re-designing the RDS Custom experience to add Custom Engine Version (CEV) support for customers of Microsoft SQL Server.

RDS design library cover photo 2_edited.

Role: User Experience designer

This design library helps designers to do rapid wireframing, prototyping, and iterations.

Role: User Experience and Visual designer

An end to end UX-UI design thinking process of creating an application for sending customized invitation cards

Role: Lead User Experience designer

Led a team of 5 to develop an end-to-end user experience through considering users and business needs.

Role: UX-UI and Visual designer

Developed a strategic human centered process and redesigned the non-profit organization's website which improved user engagements and increased 3.5x in donation rates.

Role: User Experience and User Interface designer

On this project, I created six storyboards that demonstrate design ideas for improving transportation problems. In order to get meaningful ideas that have a real impact on real people’s lives, I used observation and interviews of users.


Binod Bhandari
Software Engineer
 Amazon Web Services (AWS)

I had pleasure working with Pardis on few projects at AWS RDS. She have broad understanding of the design process and understands the team requirements, to make designs better for customers. She showed interests to learn the projects better and also collaborated with UI team and service team to have the feature tested before launch. Pardis will be great addition to any team/company where she chooses to work with.

Maish Simon
UX Design Manager - Databases
 Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Pardis was an absolute pleasure to work with. During her time at AWS, Pardis raised the bar and exemplified our Amazonian principles through the work she delivered. Not only was Pardis constantly curious and customer obsessed, she frequently delivered well rounded, well informed UX. Though her initial goal coming in was to help us build out a scalable Figma library, she ended up taking on multiple high impact projects from start to finish. The work she did for us will be lasting. Overall, I cannot recommend Pardis enough. She would make a fantastic addition to whatever team she joins.

Nicolas Munley
Product and UX Designer
 Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Pardis has a keen eye for design and a strong foundation in design strategy. She has continuously exhibited a curiosity for understanding users’ pain points and creates designs based on insights driven by qualitative and quantitative data. I was able to see these characteristics firsthand in several projects Pardis worked on at AWS but particularly when we worked together in creating a team-specific design library.  By building out this design library we enabled our team members to focus more on our customers and less on pushing pixels.  Pardis was a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend her.

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